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Practice Dirty: Mindfulness VIP Day

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Practice Dirty: Your Own Journey to Inner Wellbeing 

We have different lives, have different values, come from different cultures, and share different beliefs. In this practice, your values, culture, life and beliefs are your own. No matter what they are, this practice is designed to help you find a way to quiet your mind and calm anxiety that works for you. 

Nothing Is More Important Than Your Mental Health and Inner Wellbeing

If you’re here, and you’ve found this page, you have already begun exploring your mental and physical health. You’ve decided that you want to live more mindfully, but that has to be something that is sustainable for you.

More importantly, you’ve decided that enough is enough, nothing matters more than your own mental health and inner wellbeing. And in order to accomplish this, you need to work on your mind. You’ve decided that:

  • You’re tired of feeling scattered.
  • You're tired of feeling overwhelmed.
  • You’re over being distracted.
  • The voice in your head to stop chattering.

And in fact, that voice needs to shut up.  And yes, you want a laser focused way to quiet your mind and center yourself so you can rapidly figure out what matters and get on the path you’re looking for.

Your VIP Day, and the support program before and after it, is intended to help you get started, no matter where you are. 

And Yes….We Can Lay That Foundation In One Day!

Can this be done in one day? Yes, you can lay the foundation of reprogramming your mind in just one day. On your day, we go deep and get dirty, then we identify and frame what’s causing you to feel how you’re feeling, then we design three ways you can start calming your mind and body. 

Explore The Full VIP Day Here

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