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  • Health and Nutrition for Black Women Over 40
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Macala Rose Mindfulness

Love Food, Love Yourself Digital Book

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How often do you find yourself asking:

  • How should I be eating?
  • What should I be eating?
  • Should I be following a diet?
  • Should I eat plant-based?
  • Should I eat vegan or vegetarian?
  • Are sugar, caffeine and alcohol really that bad for me?
  • What about supplements?

The questions surrounding your health and nutrition can be overwhelming, especially if you're over 40 years old and your body is entering an entirely new season. Your body's nutritional needs aren't as complicated as the media, gurus and influencers have made it. In this book, you'll learn about what you need to eat, how much you need to eat, and how you don't have to starve or deprive yourself.

This book is written for multi-ethnic women over 40 who have started the journey to becoming happier and healthier individuals. It’s written to help you develop a deeper understanding of nutrition. You’ll learn what you need to eat, how your body uses the food you eat, and show you that real food is the main source of all the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

This book is written to help you stop depriving yourself of things you love, help you give up harmful dieting, and challenge you to question food fads that you’re sold in the media. From food allergies to supplements, to the effects of caffeine and alcohol, learn what’s really going on with your body, and realize the best expert in your health is you.

Your food journey and what you need is entirely up to you. Hopefully, you’ll not only love food after reading it, but you’ll love yourself even more.

To get the book, just add it to your cart and checkout, once complete you'll get it as a download for free!

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