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Macala Rose Mindful Living

Breathwork + Somatics: Bellingham: August 2023

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August 19,  2023 in Bellingham

Breath is a somatic experience.  It connects us with our body and the energy that is stored within our tissues. This workshop is a one-day workshop specifically designed for mental and physical health professionals such as nurses, counselors, therapists. 

During this workshop, we’ll explore the body’s somatic responses to stress and anxiety from living in a fast-paced world. During this workshop, we will learn:

  • What causes the mind and body to be dysregulated.
  • How to breathe.
  • How to use breathwork to center and ground.
  • How to use your breath to regulate your nervous system.
  • How to come into and stay in your body versus your head all the time. 
  • Integrating emotions, feelings, or past events that arise during a session.
  • And utilizing breathwork and somatics from a trauma-informed perspective. 

This workshop is designed to be used with horses. Horses are an excellent mirror to presence, emotion and your physical state. You will not be on horseback, but will work on the ground to sync your breath to your equine companion in order to work together. 

I will provide you with digital and physical materials. All of the breathwork exercises and somatic activities you learn can be incorporated into your own practices. 

Snacks, lunch, and materials included. 

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