Practice Dirty: The Journey to Unshakeable Inner Calm

An 6-Week Program That Teaches Women to Quiet Their Minds, Be at Home in their Bodies, and Develop Unshakeable Inner Calm


We have different lives, have different values, come from different cultures, and share different beliefs. In this practice, your values, culture, life and beliefs are your own.

No matter what they are, this practice is designed to help you find a way to quiet your mind and calm anxiety that works for you. 

Nothing Is More Important Than Your

Mental Health and Inner Well-Being

If you’re here, and you’ve found this page, you have already begun exploring your mental and physical health. You’ve decided that you want to live more mindfully, but that has to be something that is sustainable for you.

More importantly, you’ve decided that enough is enough, nothing matters more than your own mental health and inner well-being. And in order to accomplish this, you need to work on your mind. You’ve decided that:

  • You’re tired of feeling scattered.
  • You're tired of feeling overwhelmed.
  • You want the voice in your head to stop chattering.

And in fact, that voice needs to shut up. And yes, you want a laser focused way to quiet your mind and rapidly figure out what matters. 

This program, and the support program before and after it, is intended to help you get started, no matter where you are. 

Who This Program is For:

This day is designed for women who:

  • Know that daily self-care is important, but still haven’t found ways to prioritize themselves first. 
  • Who want to learn how to become more observant and focused from the comfort of their own home spaces. 
  • Don’t want to participate in 6-month programs or have the desire to run off and sit on a mountain for 4+ weeks. 

Most importantly, this day is designed for women who want to wake up, show up, and own their journey to inner well-being

mindfulness and somatic program for women over 40

We Lay the Foundation in 6 Weeks

Can this be done in six weeks? Yes, you and I can lay the foundation. During the six weeks that we work together, we go deep and get dirty.

We identify and frame what’s causing you to feel how you’re feeling, then we create a self-managed practice and routine that allows you stay calm and centered in a way that works for you. 

A Personal Arsenal of Tools to Develop Unshakeable Inner Calm 

At the end of this program, you’ll have developed customized practice that will help you quiet your mind, calm your anxiety, be at home within yourself, and navigate life with an unshakeable inner calm. . 

Weekly Program Materials, Prompts and Calls

Each week, you and I will have a two calls per week, to talk about what we're working on together that week. I provide you with audio and digital materials for self-guided inspection and discover.  You can also message me on Telegram to discuss questions, ideas, roadblocks, breakthroughs, or a place where you feel you need extra support.  

That ability to navigate life with rock solid inner calm you've been looking for? 

This is how you get it. 



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