Quiet Your Mind with Horses

 Equine-Assisted Breathwork and Mindfulness Seattle

I use horses to help you learn how to quiet your mind, manage anxiety, and come into present quickly. 

Quiet Your Mind Sessions are horse-assisted mindfulness practices designed for girls and women to help develop better ways to manage anxiety and feel less overwhelmed. You will: 

  • Learn to calm your nervous system through breath;
  • Learn to come back into your body and focus your attention;
  • And be more present right now. 

In the end, I guarantee that you’ll feel less stressed and much happier.

Wait, horses can help me do all that?

How do horses help me develop all this? 

Becoming Present in the Midst of Horses

In the end, working on your goals through non-verbal communication with horses requires presence. Once you’ve achieved it, it naturally translates into all other areas of your life. In the end, you will:

  • Have a greater senses of self awareness;
  • A better capacity to manage stress and anxiety;
  • A quieter mind;
  • Feel more calm and centered.

In this three hour session, we go through a series exercises that are designed to quiet your mind and help silence the thoughts running through your mind. The way we approach this is through a series activities, assisted of course by our amazingly intuitive horses.  This can include:

  • Breathwork
  • Guided Self-Inspection
  • Practicing Presence
  • Outdoor Sensory Experiences
  • Somatic Embodiment

You will also go home with materials to continue your experience throughout the week.  

    Horses help you own your life and change for the better. So why not let them help quiet the voices in your head?


    Note: You do not ride horses during these sessions. We can explore that at another time if you want to become a horsewoman. All of our work is done on the ground in safe, controlled environments conducive to your needs.