Breathwork FAQ and TOS

What can I expect to feel in a session?

  • Everyone’s experience is different and every Breath Journey is different so there are no real hard and fast rules for what to expect. A few things you can expect is that you may feel a lot of sensations in your body, you may have big emotions bubble to the surface - sometimes you have a joyful laughing session and sometimes tears come. Each journey is special and unique. After every session I often feel more grounded and connected to my own innate power. The joys of Breathwork is releasing the mental control and allowing the body to react so if you can go in with no expectations you’ll be blissfully amazed at the result.

Is Breathwork hard?

  • Well, it has the word work in it so it will require you to put forth some effort but 5 minutes into the session and your body is flooded with endorphins that you don’t get to feel in your day to day life so a little bit of work for a big payoff.

Can I do Breathwork on my own?

  • Definitely! There are hundreds of different breath patterns that you can utilize in your day to day life. Breathwork at its simplest form is just you communing with your own breath so yes, practice frequently! If you need extra support or guidance I always recommend working with someone one on one but you hold the power within yourself.

How often should I do a Breathwork Journey?

  • Ideally, when you first start your practice you should aim for once a week and then over time you can practice once a month. I consider Breathwork like a proper cleaning out modality. Things start to pile up in our bodies over time and then Breathwork is the tool to help you clean up. You can always do a shortened version as maintenance between longer sessions or until you feel the desire to do a full journey. I always tell myself when I feel the biggest resistance to doing Breathwork Journey - it is when I need it the most.

Can I do Breathwork daily?

  • Of course! You can do a shorter session or a full 40 minute session if you fancy but be sure to give yourself enough reintegration time. Check in with what your body and mind need and tend to that!

How do I stay in the breath pattern? I feel like I fade in and out.

  • It is helpful to remember that you signed up for something with the word work in it. It is going to require a bit of persistence to get into the flow. If you are floating in and out of the pattern your cognitive brain is still holding on. Try surrendering to your breath and see if it is easier to stay in the rhythm.

I got lightheaded/dizzy - is that normal?

  • It sure is! If you are feeling dizzy in the beginning this is likely linked to the fact that your mind is trying to hold on to control. Do your best to breathe through this moment. You are sending a lot more oxygen to the body than you are used to. It will all level out as you stay in the pattern but it is important to not get up during the process or until you feel like you have settled back into your body. If it becomes too much - you can always slow the breath down and breathe in slowly through the nose and elongate the exhale from the mouth.

Is yawning normal?

  • Yes! This is a way your brain is still trying to hold on to control. Surrender a bit more into the breath pattern and give yourself an opportunity to feel the flow. We yawn when we need more oxygen and if you think about it - you are getting plenty in that moment! Perhaps you say out loud - it is safe to feel these feelings and see if your brain starts to wind down.

I feel like I am going to pass out. Will I?

  • The chances of you passing out are slim. Your body is built to regulate but if you get nervous slow your breath down. You are already laying down so you are safe - don’t get up from a session until you feel safe and grounded. You can always open your eyes and breathe to get re-centered.

This feels similar to a panic attack - I am afraid to stay with the breath pattern.

  • I totally get you! I struggled with panic attacks for years and felt similarly when I started practicing. I eventually learned that these are emotions that I have shoved into my body and the best thing for my anxious emotions are to give them an opportunity to come up and out. The nervous system regulates your responses so learning how to trust your breath and use it properly will help eliminate your anxiety attacks over time. But Breathwork will hyper arouse your nervous system so the feeling may be similar but you can learn how to work with your anxiety. Remember you can slow the breath down at any time. Do some box breathing if you feel super anxious. This is a practice that will slowly shift things over time. Listen to what you need.

Is it normal to get hot/cold?

  • Temperature fluctuations are common.
  • You may even sweat - this is when you are releasing stuck energy.
  • If you get cold during the session it is your body releasing fear.

My throat got really dry - why?

  • You are bringing a lot of oxygen through the mouth so a dry throat is really common. You can put your tongue on the roof of your mouth which should aid in your mouth producing more saliva. I also suggest having a glass of water nearby to quench your thirst.

I find myself falling asleep - why?

  • Breathwork can be an exhausting practice. If you are overly tired before a session perhaps you wait until you are a bit more rested. If your body is fighting for sleep in the process that could be you trying to fight the experience. Check in with what the resistance is and try to commit to the entire session.

Is it okay to breathe through your mouth the whole time?

  • There are many philosophies of how to breathe. We are only breathing through the mouth for a short duration so it is okay. We are using this breath to get into your emotional body which will take longer if you are breathing through the nose. If you are against mouth breathing you can breathe through the nose but please understand that your experience won't be as deep. That being said, try to remember to breathe in and out through your nose in your day to day life!

My head was aching in the first few minutes - why?

  • You are sending a lot of oxygen to the body so your mind is trying to regulate it. Focus on sending your breath deeper into your body and allow your brain to release control. Focus on exhaling control every time you cycle your breath through. Everything should ease out after the first couple of songs. If it becomes too distracting or painful, allow yourself to breathe slower and end the session at any point that you feel it is necessary.

Why did my hands get tight?

  • Head on over to the module dedicated to hands and learn all about why they got tight! The short answer - check in with yourself and ask are you openly receiving love from those around you? AND How does giving love feel to you? Are you holding back? Sit with these and see how they feel in your body.

I am afraid to feel feelings. How can I work through that?

  • That is totally normal! Try to continue to stay connected into the breath pattern and remind yourself that you do not have to solve any problems right now. Your only job is to feel. Guide the breath deeper and learn to trust yourself more. Feelings may flood through you and you will likely gain a better understanding of what is happening in your physical body.

Is it safe to do a Breathwork Journey alone?

  • Yes! It is imperative that you check in with yourself and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable before the session. If you do not feel comfortable facing what may come up - kindly do not practice alone.

Why do I feel high?

  • You just flooded your body with fresh oxygen and your entire nervous system is responding. Your limbic system is fully firing which is kicking off your endocrine glands which are releasing hormones throughout your body. This is a temporary feeling that will fade after you stop the rhythmic breath so enjoy the free high.

Is it normal for my body to shake a lot?

  • Yes. Your body is releasing stored tension, trauma and old feelings. Give it permission to move as long as it isn’t distracting you from your breath pattern. Shake things out as you need. You are learning how to listen to your body.

I’ve been practicing for awhile and I feel like I can’t go as deep - is this normal?

  • Sure is! Try putting less of an expectation upon your journey and trust that you are being guided exactly where you need to go. If you are desiring a deeper experience try to breathe a bit deeper. Surrender to your thoughts and demands and see what unfolds.


Breathwork sessions are not a substitute for individual, traditional mental health therapy. I understand that no medical or mental health advice is provided by Company and you agree that you will consult a primary care physician or mental health expert about my participation in this event. 

You have voluntarily applied to participate in the event. You voluntarily participating with the knowledge of the potential numerous risks involved inherent in breathwork.

You agree that terms of this agreement shall serve as a complete release and express assumption of risk for myself. It is my intention to fully assume all risks associated with the event and to release Macala Rose Wellness, Inc. from any and all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.

I have read, acknowledge and consent to these terms of agreement in order to participate in this virtual breathwork circle.