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Horses Taught Me How to Quiet My Mind

Hello, I'm Macala Rose. I help women become present, quiet their minds, and calm anxiety so that they can develop more focused ways working and live more intentionally.

After years of studying, finding my purpose, learning following my heart, and allowing horses to bring me to myself, I want to help other people accomplish that.

On my ranch, you'll find kindred spirits who are want to learn about themselves and develop their passions so that their individual efforts become part of something larger.

I Gave Up Hollywood for Horseback

I’m a woman who loves cowboy boots, horses, backroads, and open spaces. Growing up, my family managed 1200 acres in the midwest dedicated to livestock and crop production; you could say I was born with my love of farming, food and agriculture. After years in corporate America and working Hollywood, I felt there was something missing.

I began soul searching to find something to get me out of bed in the morning and my search led to me to a last and final life assessment. Knowing I had “one more big thing” I could commit myself to making. I just had to figure out what and who I was going to do it with. It turns out that was it was this program host on our ranch in Fall City, Washington.