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Before the pandemic, our country faced a mental health crisis. When comes to women, the pandemic has taken a heavier emotional toll. Being both income earners and primary care providers, women are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, are feeling overwhelmed, report feeling more overworked, and burned out compared to their male counterparts. 

We're seeing this with many of our female clients. We've started working with women suffering from anxiety, learning to cope with past trauma related to abuse, and even dealing with new feelings of depression. Because of it, we created equine-assisted coaching practices that help women calm the storms in their minds and find ways to cope with anxiety.

Most of the equine programs that can offer this work aren't able to take new clients due to lack of resources and loss of funding due to the pandemic. While we're not a non-profit, we stepped up to the plate to help with the overflow. Because our list is great, and it costs money to do this, we created the opportunity for people to donate to scholarships for these women so that we can offer free services to them. 

We are fully accredited, licensed, and insured. 

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