Why Do You Do Things That Bring You No Joy?

Why Do You Do Things That Bring You No Joy?

This morning, I want you to ask yourself one question. 

ONE, and it's this  ONE: 

“How much time do you spend on things that bring you zero joy?”

The question is simple, also complex. While it’s not a profound question, it is a question that forces you ask yourself a question you may not be ready to explore.

Why is this question uncomfortable? Because it prompts you to look at signs in your life that something is off, and acknowledge that things may need to be reset.

“What is it in your life that you do that brings you zero joy?”

How do you feel when you ask yourself this question?

What are the physical sensations you feel in your body? 

Can you easily answer it? Or are you finding it hard?

Let's dig a little deeper into it, ask yourself: 

  1. Are there commitments or relationships that I have that don't bring me joy? If so, why is that?
  2. What prevents me from letting these joyless things let go? Obligation, a belief that I need/should be a part of them?
  3. Are there situations/commitments/relationships that may take time to let go, or rework, so they aren't joyless? 
  4. Even if it takes a little time, can I let them go, if so, when? 

It's hard to look at things in our life that may be contributing to our unhappiness, but it's important we do. If you've found a few things that bring you no joy, then why keep doing them? How can you change that? 


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