The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

So who’s this in the photo? This is Cadie, and she is one of the two horses that are a part of our new ranch in Carnation, Washington. 

Grace, Grit & Wit has been something in the making for nearly two years. Last year, my team and I started to build it. We were almost ready to go and then the pandemic happened. The pandemic sent my content marketing business into a tailspin. Like many, I lost clients; there were also clients and business I willingly let go of. 

From March to June, I started to seriously question what I wanted to keep doing. I realized that I loved my content business, but I didn’t want it to be the only focus of my work. And what Grace, Grit & Wit was supposed to be didn’t quite fit. But I loved the ideas it had within it. 

So I decided to pivot it and make the Grace, Grit & Wit’s website a critical resource for women over 40 on health, nutrition, and food. Here’s what’s in store:

  1. Grace, Grit & Wit is going to be the place where women over 40 can find factual, unbiased articles on health and nutrition. 
  2. Grace, Grit & Wit will offer classes, kitchen supplies, and really amazing products for cooking at home.
  3. Grace, Grit & Wit will also have all my books and cool digital downloads. 

Grace, Grit & Wit is a Ranch...and we’ll be offering classes in Spring/Summer 2021

In the last three months, I’ve come to realize I miss ranch life and I thrive outdoors. As of this month, I’ve leased a ranch in Snohomish, Washington in order to make Grace, Grit & Wit a place. The ranch is going to be home to classes once it’s safe for us to gather again. Our classes will also be offered online and focus on homesteading, health, and life with horses. 

Equine-assisted therapy and hardening programs for teen girls and women

As part of our ranch, we’re going to provide equine-assisted therapy programs and gardening classes for teenage girls and women. The programs are going to be aimed at assisting with mental health and leveraging our horses as part of someone’s healing journey. We are currently in the process of creating these programs as part of a non-profit arm. More details will be available in the Spring!

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