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Mindfulness: Take A Backseat To Your Own Life

Loving the quiet moments and learning to be mindful a little bit each day

As individuals, quiet moments each day are important. They allow to find moments of stillness and rest so tat we can function in our everyday lives.

Even with evidence-based research and our own internal knowings, many people overlook the need to find moments of stillness to quiet their minds.

Why? Because when we sit in the silence, it comes uncomfortable. Because when we  = succumb to silence, we see what may be missing or what we may be avoiding. I find myself wondering:

  • Could I imagine life as something I spend a lot of time avoiding?
  • Does it seem impossible that I would consciously choose to avoid my life entirely?

Today, I see many people do just that. Life consists of everything we engage in, from the smallest acts of showering to larger acts that involve human interaction.

In acts small and large, there is a lot of busy work that distracts and keeps us from looking at life from the 10,000-foot view, or an outside perspective.

In order to do this, we have to take off the rose-colored glasses and open ourselves up to experiencing life from the inside out, which means taking time each day to simply be alone and sit in the presence of our own soul.

Many of us are so out of practice with this, some of us have never done it. It is almost unnerving to have a moment to ourselves.  As a result, we may have stopped trying to carve out that time to take the backseat of our own lives.

One of the reasons it can be uncomfortable to sit in silence is because when we do, we open ourselves to that “inner voice”, which might question the way we’re living or drive attention to choices we are not making.

Sometimes the voice reminds us of our “secrets” –– inner yearnings or dreams we thought we’d forgotten.

When we already feel overwhelmed by busy schedules, the idea of hearing this voice can be exhausting. However, the words spoken within are the chords that connect us to the authentic self, the core of the who, what and why we are on this earth. The purpose that makes life worth living.

When we continually avoid connecting with our lives  we risk losing out on the very purpose we are here to fulfill. To begin the process of being more present and less absent in our lives, we must set aside just a few minutes each day to simply sit with in silence and meditate.

We may take a walk or attend meditation class. No, this doesn’t mean watching a movie, working on a hobby or reading a book. Instead, it means we take time each day to practice something that encourages self-examination and exploration. It means that we own our avoidance of self and open ourselves up to true self-acceptance.

After a while, a few weeks, month or even years,  we may decide to take a less stressful job, we may decide to go back to school, we may develop a new hobby or passion. Whatever it may be, we should spend more time at the center of your own life.  

Rather than hovering like a planet around the sun, centering ourselves recenters our world. Family, friends, passions and the important things ultimately fall into place with ease.

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